Project Green Diamond

Flagship Project

Our flagship project Green Diamond initiated total waste management within our community, as part of our efforts to be responsible for our environment. The project was conceived in Mar 2009, and full scale launch was done on Nov 15, 2009.

The team spent three months studying the whole process and dynamics of solid waste. Experts were consulted and places visited which are in forefront of this. Based on the understanding, we came out with a simple depiction of the process, divided into 4 steps as shown in the diagram.

The key to success was in segregating the waste at source. To ensure the success, a wide array of activities were carried out in the complex to generate awareness for the cause. The housekeeping staff was extensively trained for collection and incentivized also.

A sorting centre was created and oversight was provided by Rotarians and Anns. The waste was sold to the right vendors at right price to ensure that after a few months, the project became self financing. Even after distribution of a part of income to the housekeeping staff and salary of segregation staff, there was a small sum left for investment in Bio Gas plant.

The project was divided in two phases. The first phase of taking care of dry waste was completed by Jan 2010 whereby we were able to reach 90% households segregating at source. `Repeated communications are required to maintain that level, otherwise it falls down very fast.

Green Diamond Run was organized in DD on 21 Feb 2010 to generate awareness about the project and to create certain excitement for it.

We are still waiting for land to be allocated by BBMP for the phase 2 of setting up bio-gas plant, which will ensure that kitchen waste is not dumped into landfills.  Currently we are recycling about 4 tonnes of dry waste every month.

We have tried to spread the message to a number of apartment complexes, BBMP road shows, participated in Round Table on Solid Waste Management, hearings at Pollution Control Board etc.

The Poster

We will be more than happy to help you in setting up the same in your community. We can provide you with all the presentations, softcopy of stickers and other collateral you may require.

Contact: Meenal  at to find out how we can help you!

Anniversary Celeberations

Project Green Diamond Anniversary was celebrated on 21st Nov 2010 where the chief guest was Mr. Ramakanth, noted environmentalist