How to Organize a Blood Donation Camp

Why Voluntary Blood Donation

Blood and blood products are needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year  - for emergencies, surgeries, organ transplants and to treat burns, injuries, heart disease, sickle cell anemia and other medical conditions. Transfusion is the only option to ensure survival for many patients, but many patients do not have access to blood when they need it most. Blood availability depends on the extraordinary generosity of people who donate it as the most precious of gifts – the gift of life.

This section on Blood Donation at our Rotary Bangalore Diamond District website has been designed with the objective of helping you mobilize voluntary blood donation drives. We have provided a number of excellent resources available on the Internet to make your task of organizing a blood donation camp easier. Tips provided are based on our experience.

Since the Net contains vast amounts of information, we have included only good sites that we are aware of. In case you come across a good resource, please inform us through the Comments section below, so that we can review and add that resource also.

Disclaimer: We acknowledge the copyrights of all sites referenced in this section. Please check with the corresponding site on reuse of material and corresponding copyrights.

Good sites for information

Here are some great resources for planners of blood donation drives.

Rotary Blood Bank, New Delhi 

Indian Red Cross 

America's Blood Centers 

Australian Red Cross 

For information on blood types and different types of donation



Great for comprehensive information about blood donation


Rotary TTK Blood Bank, Bangalore 

Good FAQs 

Central Illinois Community Blood Center 

Has a good brochure on blood donation, pdf download possible.


World Health Organization (WHO) 

Great fact sheet on blood donation, download pdf. 

World Health Organization (WHO) 

WHO celebrates World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) every year on June 14. Download WBDD facts, logo and the yearly poster.  

Organizing a Blood Donation Camp

A community service activity like organizing a voluntary blood donation camp is a team activity. There are three main areas of work for the team to focus on!

 1. Donor Acquistion

This team is responsible for ensuring that the maximum planned number of donors attend and donate blood. Decide on what segment to target, as the publicity material should be made accordingly.


If your target segment is a residential community then it is best done on a holiday. However, if the segment is a college campus, then it has to be done keeping exam schedules in mind. Similarly a camp for office goers may be held on a working day at the work place to make it convenient for donors.


Once the team has decided on holding the camp, prospective donors need to be contacted and persuaded to come to the camp. A communication plan is designed accordingly. It is a good strategy to display posters at the general area a week in advance. If you can rotate posters, so that donors see new posters, it generally evokes better interest.


Banners may be placed at entrance gates. If prospective donors are computer savvy, e.g. employees of an IT company, then an email blast may be made to all employees with the participation of the company management. Up to three emails may be sent, one a week in advance, one three days in advance and one on the day of camp to remind donors. If the organization has an Intranet, the posters or FAQ’s can be loaded on their site also.


If you are targeting a college, you may like to run a SMS campaign. To generate interest, some social activities like a painting competition, slogan competition, etc. can also be arranged.


After the camp, the donor acquisition team must remember to send across thank you notes to the targeted donors!

2. Partner Interface

This team interfaces with stakeholders like the blood bank, site/ venue authorities, etc.


You need to tie up with a reputed blood bank for the time and venue you have chosen.


Normally the blood bank will bring all the equipment and medical items that are required, but they will let you know in case something needs to be arranged by you.


Typically this could include some chairs, tables, extra fans, drinking water and refreshments.


Do remember to arrange extra fans as people perspire more due to anxiety while donating for the first time.


You need to arrange for refreshments and water with disposable plates and glasses.


You may require the camp area to be slightly cordoned off, to ensure some privacy and quiet. This aids the safe and smooth functioning of the camp. However, you may need to get the necessary approvals from the venue's authorities to set this up.

3. Site Management

This team needs to reach the venue an hour before the camp is scheduled to start.


With the help of your partnering blood bank's resources, your volunteers need to set up the various areas for:



medical check up


a post donation area for refreshments and rest.

Your partner blood bank may set up a separate bed or two for people who may feel dizzy, which happens sometimes.

Extra fans are required for this area to keep the space well ventilated.


Site management volunteers need to guide donors to keep them feeling relaxed. They need to ensure that people do take rest and refreshments after donation.


Do remember to display the banner of your organization to motivate donors about joining your organization.

Typical Blood Donation Camp Process

Publicity material

Check the resource page (URL Link at the bottom of this page) for sample material.

Disclaimer: We acknowledge the copyrights of all sites and content referenced in this section. Please check with the corresponding site on reuse of material and corresponding copyrights.



The Internet is the best place for material to make your own posters. For example, the International Red Cross' resource site for the World Blood Donor Day is excellent - you can access it to download free posters for voluntary blood donation.


In the resource page, you will find a few of our favorite posters, which we have downloaded here as samples. Some posters used in RBDD campaigns are also provided in there. Please leave us a comment - we'd be glad to hear from you!




A number of images are available on the Net for you to use in your posters and other collateral. You may 'google' for "blood donation images royalty free" to find the addresses of all such sites. We found this clipart site useful for downloads.




The World Blood Donor Day site has some great ideas for slogans that you could use in your publicity material.



We created a one-page, two-sided flier for Frequently Asked Questions on blood donation [Flyer- RBDD FAQ] that you can modify and use/distribute.


Another FAQ flyer was created with the main questions on one side and a slogan on the other side [Flyer - RBDD FAQ] and Slogan].



You may use the material on this site to create your banners, which can be easily printed on flex by digital printers. Given below in the Attachments section is one such layout that we used on a 4’ x 6’ banner.



Other Samples


There are other samples that you can find in our Attachments below. These include sample letters and stump speeches for doing a blood donation drive in a college.





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