Vocational Service

Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards.

Honoring Teachers at Diamond District  in 2013  

The teachers who brighten the future of students at Diamond District were honored by RBDD.

Computer Classes

As part of vocational service, our member conducted Computer Literacy classes for housewives and senior citizens in Diamond District. It helped the citizens to use computers to be in touch with their family overseas.

Kannada Classes for Non-Kannadadigas

Kannada classes were organized for non-Kannadadigas in 2013. The classes ran for 3 months, 2 sessions every week.

The teacher Mr. Gyanamurthi being facilitated by DG Badri Prasad at the conclusion of the course.

Recognition of Workers at Java

16th march 2012-We recognized the workers at Java restaurant who serve the club for all its meetings

Health Worker Recognition

16th march 2012--We recognized an extra ordinary supervisor in Kodihalli government hospital, working there for 10 years.

Recognition of Ms. Sumitra, Health worker at Kodihally PHC, on 16th Match 2012


The members of RBDD trained/spoke to its members using their experience on their vocations to enhance the capabilities of the members.

Rtn. Urmilla Chandy showed Motivational Videos to the members in Sep 2013.

Ann. Priya Gupta speaking on Face Evaluations in Sep 2013.

Rtn. Nilanjan Speaking to members on travelling in 2013

Gautam Hegde speaking on Project Management Excellence in 2012

Rtn. Urmilla Chandy speaking on Dressing up in 2012